Project PDF-Merger
Latest version 1.1.0
Status Complete


License Unlicense


A quick-and-dirty PDF merger. No fuss, just drag-and-drop or click a button to add files, maybe select the pages, and merge them. Made in iced in a day and a half.


Press “Add PDF” or drag-and-drop a PDF file. This adds the PDF to a list of PDFs to merge.

Each PDF has the name of the PDF, two buttons to move it up or down, a button to remove it, and a page selection field for which pages to keep. PDFs are merged from top to bottom.

The page selection works like it does in a printer; it’s a list of pages, separated by commas. Each item of the list can either be a single page number, or a range, where both ends will be included.

For example, “5, 10-20” will keep pages 5, 10, 11, 12, …, 20. If the field is empty, however, all pages are selected.

PDFs are merged from top to bottom. Do send me a message if you use this in any capacity! I can add small features if you want them.